Featured Bike: Mosaic Cycles GT-1 – The Titanium Gravel Bike from Boulder, Colorado

“The tangible act of turning practical performance goals into a bike of singular personality and beauty. This is Mosaic Cycles, not confined by self-imposed limitations but rather working to embrace each rider’s aspirations.” – Mosaic Cycles

“Underpinned by Mosaic’s values, each project is an expression of the Mosaic philosophy; one forged over many years of fabrication, right here and now, the limitations of factory bikes no longer exist.”

mosaic cycles gt-1 titanium gravel bike
The Mosaic Cycles GT-1 in action

Mosaic Cycles GT-1

“On the spectrum of gravel bikes, the GT-1 is closer to a road bike than an adventure bike. The geometry lands between traditional road and off-road frame specs with short chainstay length, steep front head angle, oversized head tube, and carbon fork. This provides a snappy feel on the road while low bottom brackets, a slightly longer wheelbase, and tire size make for stable off-road handling.”

mosaic cycles gt-1 titanium gravel bike

“It is built on a flat mount disc brake platform for all-terrain stopping force and also creates clearance for a 38c tire. The 3/2.5 double butted tubeset can take the abuse of riding all year in any climate without worry of corrosion or denting with minimal care. Smaller diameter tubes are hand selected according to rider weight, providing a more compliant ride. In contrast to the oversized and responsive X or R-Series tube selection that can be oriented towards race performance, the GT-1 aims at a different category of performance: one of comfort, longevity, and functionality.”

This beautiful bike was part of the 2019 launch of Roval Component’s Terra CLX and CLX EVO line-up of carbon gravel wheels. The bike was suppled by Mike from Blacksmith Cycle of Toronto, Canada.

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All photos by Billy Sinkford of Echos Communication

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  1. Avatar CHRISTIAN Bratina

    From my experience 38c tires, my prior bike’s, are too small for a lot of hard dirt roads. My latest DeSalvo Ti bike has precurved Ti chainstays that allow for a 48c tire with a triple that has a 150 mm Q Factor.

    I would love to see a comparison test of various tires, looking at their rolling resistance on pavement and dirt, along with their climbing ability on steep, loose dirt roads.

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