EVIL Chamois Hagar Gravel Bike Review: “Shred Comes to Gravel”

Founded in 1999 and born again in 2008, Evil Bikes is predominantly a company that produces mountain bikes. That was until Evil went a bit crazy sometime in 2019, looked around to see what everyone else was passing off as a bike for gravelly road fun, and designed the Chamois Hagar; their vision of the ultimate adventure / gravel bike.

evil chamois hagar review
The Evil Chamois Hagar, way unlike any other gravel bike

“Rather than start with a squirrely road bike and relaxing things into borderline manageable, we started with a mountain bike with shred surging through its veins and created the Chamois Hagar.”

evil chamois hagar review
Ultra-short 50mm stem on the Chamois Hagar

“It brings speed, stability, and that irrefutable Evil mischief to the otherwise safe and sensible drop bar market. Is it a gravel destroyer? It’s beyond that—whoever heard of a 66.67-degree headtube angle, 50mm stem, and a dropper post on a low-slung lightweight frame that can’t be dropped by even the most cadence-minded hammerheads?”

evil chamois hagar review
SRAM DUB 68mm BSA bottom bracket

“The Following of Gravel? That’s more like it—and just like that, shred came to gravel.”

evil chamois hagar review
The top tube has a serious slope, and a Rock Shox dropper seatpost

In this video, JOM of Gravel Cyclist rides and reviews the crazy and insane Evil Chamois Hagar. Is it a mountain bike? Is it a cross bike? Is it a road bike? No to of all these, rather, Evil Bikes think outside the box with a solution for a bike that caters to any adventure.

evil chamois hagar review
Rock Shox Reverb AXS dropper seatpost is a marvel of technology
evil chamois hagar review
Stock WTB saddle substituted for a carbon model by RideFarr.com
evil chamois hagar review
SRAM’s superb Eagle AXS 12-speed wireless electronic drivetrain

Evil Chamois Hagar Video Review

Evil Bikes

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  1. Avatar Wes

    Funny I saw this review in my inbox today. Went on a spring forward group ride today with the LBS and there was a rep for evil bikes riding along with us and had an extra bike to demo. Very interesting bike, but those who rode it loved it!

  2. Avatar DG

    I donno, a set of flat bars, good ole trigger shifters, suspension fork up front and a pair of WTB Ranger tires and you can ride gravel and singletrack. Why ef up a good thing??

  3. Avatar Ron

    This bike is definitely not a ‘quiver killer’. Very good at a few specific things, and very not so good at a bunch more… With the unusual design, I imagine that it’ll be easy to pick up a used one in a few months.

  4. Avatar Stephen

    I wonder if JOM night have liked a smaller frame – perhaps with a slightly longer stem – better?

  5. Avatar advcyclist

    “Is it a mountain bike? Is it a cross bike? Is it a road bike? No to of all these…”

    You could’ve led and ended with that quote…

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