VIDEO: Darby Roubaix 2015 Race

On April 12, 2015, the Gravel Cyclist crew made the trip to Ferguson, North Carolina, and the Leatherwood Mountains Resort. Formerly known as Tom Dula’s Revenge, Darby Roubaix is a bicycle race approximately 50 miles in length, along a course of dirt, gravel and paved roads, featuring a tough climb to finish things off. Check out JOM’s race report HERE.

Please enjoy the race video, in the beauty of High Definition, courtesy of YouTube.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Avatar Rodney Simpson

    Great video of this great event. Could not make it this year but plan to next year. Thanks to all the Blue Mtn. Revival guys in putting this event on.

  2. Avatar Mike Meeks

    Another great video! I look forward to the day the subtitle says “JOM keeping pace with K-dogg on the climbs today”.

    • JOM JOM

      Mike, I need to drop another 10 lbs in order to stick with K-Dogg…

      • K-Dogg K-Dogg

        In your dreams b-tch! 🙂


        • JOM JOM

          Now, if it was an all downhill race, on gravel… aaah.

  3. Avatar Shawn Moore

    I was really hoping for some Jaws theme music and more switching between cameras as I caught you on Tom Dula Rd.!

    • JOM JOM

      Shawn, hard to get creative with the small piece of footage you ave me. Jaws? Ugh…

    • K-Dogg K-Dogg

      Shawn, that would be a hoot to have ominous jaws music as the hunt gets closer!

      Also, does Jeff have access to a video camera? It would be nice to the the action at the front once in a while.


      • JOM JOM

        Bad news… the Jaws music is never happening in a Gravel Cyclist aka JOM Production.

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