Avon Park, Florida to Frostproof: Round Trip among the Citrus Groves & More!

avon park florida gravel cycling
The Jacaranda Hotel & Restaurant, Avon Park, FL

95+ miles / 150kms+ of mixed-surface fun beginning at the small town of Avon Park, Florida. Fans of motorsport will be familiar with Sebring, Florida, located nearby. The route wandered through the Citrus groves of the area from Avon Park to Frostproof, Florida.

avon park florida gravel cycling

The video features a comprehensive look at all of the towns mentioned, including the beautiful scenery along the route. Railway fans will appreciate a close-up look at the railway stations of Avon Park and Frostproof.

avon park florida gravel cycling

Additionally, you’ll see a close-up look at the Citrus groves that this area is known for, including live picking operations.

avon park florida gravel cycling
Somewhere in the middle of effin nowhere…

This route isn’t tree-lined, making for a tough ride especially considering the heat of the day. Saturday May 16, 2020, was quite warm, the Florida Summer is here!. Please enjoy, there is much more content like this in the hopper!

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  1. Avatar velocraig

    Great vid from my families home area….watched the whole thing, beginning to end.
    Good representation of the area roads ?

    • K-Dogg K-Dogg

      Good video JOM. I didn’t realize there were so many nice and quiet roads down there.

  2. Avatar Matt

    Any way to get some route info? I live not far from Babson park, and have ridden some of the grove roads in that area. I’d love to check out some of the ground you covered.

    • JOM JOM

      Sorry, as I said in the video, I trespassed, therefore I cannot share the route.

      • Avatar Matt

        Got it, even a couple road names to get oriented on the section between Frostproof and lake wales would be helpful

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