2024 Border Wars Gravel: Franklin, Georgia

2024 border wars gravel
Start of the 100 miler… or would it be the 60 miler later?

“In short, BWGA is a home-grown gravel grinder that straddles the border of Alabama and Georgia, where the gravel is vastly different between the two, and the only war is the mental struggle going on in your head to keep your legs going forward and the physical battle of your bike withstanding the punishment of the roads you’re riding. ” – https://borderwarsgravel.com

2024 Border Wars Gravel Video

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Continued from Above:

“Note on the Border Wars name: We are fully aware of the horrible atrocities continuing in Ukraine and the escalating crisis between Israel – Palestine and the Middle East in general, just as we are aware of the threats to Taiwan, South Korea, or even the issues at our own southern border. We are also mindful, on a local level, of the problems going on for water rights within Georgia and Alabama, for example.”

2024 border wars gravel
Photographers with primo placement for the mud pit

“BWGA is meant to be a fun day out on the bike and is 80% about the differences in the gravel between the two states, and 20% a friendly rivalry amongst friends and competitors. We love Alabama just as much as Georgia and all the states, really. We are 100% against any conflict, particularly those killing and injuring the innocent, and our hearts go out to anyone who does not have the same opportunities.”

2024 border wars gravel
Cyclocross bikes are still very relevant



ALWAYS BE A STEWARD FOR GRAVEL CYCLING: Respect the roads, respect the locals, respect the land, respect your fellow cyclists.

2024 border wars gravel
Somewhere on the outskirts of Franklin, GA

Additional Photos

2024 border wars gravel
Teresa of Sorella Cycling
2024 border wars gravel
Young lad riding single speed, and huge volume tyres
2024 border wars gravel
Unmistakable clay based roads in this part of Georgia
2024 border wars gravel
Beautiful scenery if you took the time to look
2024 border wars gravel
Chunky Georgia Gravel
2024 border wars gravel
Brisk at the start, temperatures later were perfect
2024 border wars gravel
How nice are these views?!
2024 border wars gravel
Rumbling along a Forest Road

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