2020 Niner RLT 9 RDO Carbon & RLT Alloy (with Shimano GRX) – Unboxing & Features

“Since the inception of our first bike, we’ve grown our product line quite a bit. We realized that there any so many ways to enjoy dirt. We are proud to offer bikes that allow you to travel in the backcountry, go on long dirt rides, take hand-ups at your local cross race or rip down the trails a bike park. We were founded on dirt and we’re committed to making bikes that will give you the opportunity to see and ride all the dirt you can imagine.” – NinerBikes.com

2020 niner rlt 9 rdo carbon alloy review

2020 Niner RLT 9 RDO Carbon 4-Star Build

“Rather than designing a no-fun, no-frills, uber-light and too-stiff carbon chassis for our newest RLT 9 RDO, we built you a bike that you’ll want to ride all the time, to any place. With extra tire clearance, multiple fitments for accessories and cargo, plus slick frame features and a smooth ride, you can pedal it and be happy – anywhere and everywhere, not just on your Strava segments.”

2020 niner rlt 9 rdo carbon alloy review

“You want to not just go the distance but do go there fast? The RLT 9 RDO is a gravel bike made to make the miles sail past. Do you want to explore? This bike encourages it. How about undertaking long and adventurous rides? Please do. Need a change of pace, a break from the routine? Go ahead. Give it a chance. If you can think it on two wheels, the RLT, a multi-tool of a bike, might just be the bike for you. From dirt trails to gravel to asphalt, this bike takes everything in stride, with you along for the ride.”

2020 niner rlt 9 rdo carbon alloy review

2020 Niner RLT 9 Alloy 4-Star Build

“The unmatched versatility of this gravel bike gives its rider pure, unfettered freedom and access virtually everywhere. Sprint from asphalt to cinder path, swerve onto some singletrack, cut across to a gravel road, unspool a few miles, hop a gutter, cut through the alley, and back into the bike lane.”

2020 niner rlt 9 rdo carbon alloy review

“The RLT 9 maximizes your freedom and access to the Road Less Traveled. With affordable, high performing materials, elegant engineering, and a fully-featured frameset, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your off road aspirations. There’s no surface that can’t be ridden, no side roads that must be skipped. And best of all, the RLT 9 offers unbeatable value at every level.”

2020 niner rlt 9 rdo carbon alloy review

RLT 9 RDO Carbon & Alloy Unboxing & Features Video

In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes and covers the key features of the aforementioned bikes, as a prelude to a comparison review. We don’t typically compare bikes / products, but we are breaking from tradition and comparing the Alloy vs Carbon 4-Star bikes against each other. Their builds are identical, only the frames differ.

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  1. Avatar GCwanabee

    That mate of yours who is reviewing the aluminium verson is a gem of a human being, no?

    • JOM JOM

      You should reserve judgement until you meet this fellow.

  2. Avatar Steve

    Very interested in hearing your review on the RDO. After hearing about this coming soon, this bike is on my short list for potential replacement of my RLT9 Aluminum that I’ve used on DK200 4 times successfully. When you are done reviewing it, feel free to ship it to my address if it’s a 56cm!


    • JOM JOM

      The Aluminium RLT was supposed to be a 56, so you just miss out. But, the same size frames and identical spec will serve perfectly for our side by side comparison.

  3. Avatar sabi

    How much space is there between tire and seat tube and tire and chainstays when 700c x 50mm tires are mounted?

    • JOM JOM

      I have not mounted 50mm tyres yet, I just finished producing the intro review. The 50’s will definitely be mounted soon and featured in the review. Thank you.

  4. Avatar Sean

    My first gravel bike is a 2018 RLT9. I have really enjoyed the bike. My only complaint owning the bike is the 50 big ring so hats off to Niner going with a Easton 47/32.

  5. Avatar Tim Tim

    I am torn between ordering the 4 star RDO in a 700 or 650

    I’ll probably be upgrading wheelsets in either case, and I’ve never really ridden 650.

    Is it smarter to order the 650, and then invest in a wheelset after riding the 650’s on Crest wheels? Or are the Crest wheels good enough for a 2.1 Thunderburt on (or even stock 650×47’s) occasion when i want to explore. and just invest in nice 700 carbon wheels with the all new Panracer SS for day to day riding?

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