Observations: Things You Give Up as a Gravel Cyclist by K-Dogg

SouthernX2015JOM-2Our man K-Dogg gives his take on at least twelve things you give up as a Gravel Cyclist.

  • Chains and cassettes that last more than one race.
  • Chains and cassettes that last more than one rain ride.
  • Kits with any white on them. Anything raced in Georgia is permanently orange. Months after Southern Cross, even my tires are an orange blaze of dog crap.
  • Brake pads that last more than 1/2 a rainy race or two rainy training rides.
  • Training rides with your mates that are actually training rides. It’s always a full blown race. Especially if you are Dr. Pain and it’s raining. You’d best train alone.
  • Crashes. Gravel races break up immediately. After four years I have never seen a dangerous field sprint. Gravity and friction are the problem kids.
  • Matching socks. Why bother? Mud is a lovely color.
  • Tri bars. Jungle gyms belong in backyards and not in tangled woods. If you find them helpful you missed a turn back there buddy.
  • Organized rotations. Mountain bikers really don’t want your help. Use the crap out of them.
  • Help from the team car. If you have a team car they probably need your help pushing.
  • Bad attitude. You are alone most of the race. You cherish any company.
  • Hobbies that require you to get off the couch. You are just too dang tired if you train and race properly. Naps are an excellent hobby.
Mrs K-Dogg avoiding any shenanigans at the back.