VIDEO: 2017 Middle Georgia Epic!

February 18, 2017 saw the inaugural running of the Middle Georgia Epic – a 100km or 200km gravel ride that meanders through along the quiet and scenic, dirt, gravel and clay roads that this area is well-known for. For a detailed run-down on the ride itself, please take a gander at the ride reports: JOM […]

Central Georgia Mud Madness or “Honey is it OK to pour straight bleach on lycra?” by K-Dogg

February 18th, Irwinton, Georgia from the Blue Goose Hostel. “K-Dogg! Where the hell have you been riding?” said J.D., my mechanic from Bike Works of Gainesville Florida. “Your brakes are totally jammed up with some kind of sticky orange splort. I had to replace your brand new cables and housings and crack open all your […]

Race Report: 2017 Middle Georgia Epic!

“The Middle Georgia Epic is the longest multi-surface road race in Georgia, offering 100km and 200km distances for racers to choose from. The race starts and finishes at the charming Blue Goose, Georgia’s only bike hostel, in Irwinton. Each route consists of gently rolling country roads, with approximately half the route paved, the other half a […]