Australian Gravel: Sellicks Exploration Ride with the Gravelaide Crew

Gravelaide is the brainchild of three lads from Gravel Riders South Australia – Peter Gratwick, Graeme aka The Sticky Bidon (TSB) and Russell aka Russ The Rider (RTR). Taking cues from the established Americano “Grinduro” format – a pre-determined route with a number of timed “stages” along the way – the inaugural event was held on […]

Gravelaide Ride: Mud, Washouts, Koalas, Jetlag, Climbing and 98% Gravel

Continuing from my previous posting to the website, I arrived in my original home town of Adelaide, South Australia on December 26. The main flight of the journey took some 14 1/2 hours – I am trying hard to forget about the total time from beginning to end… it always seems like a lifetime. However, […]