WTB Introduces Byway 34/40/44mm 700c & Exposure 30/36mm 700c Tires

“The famed Byway tread pattern made popular by the WTB Byway 650b x 47 Road Plus tire is now available in 700c x 34, 40 and 44 sizes with either black or tan sidewalls for each width. These new sizes expand the tread pattern outside of 650b for riders who prefer the increased rolling momentum of a high-volume 700c tire.” – WTB

wtb byway 700c

Sharing an identical tread pattern to the slick Exposure 30 adventure road tire, the all-new Exposure 36 provides even more tire width and volume for increased traction, comfort and suppleness on the roughest sections of any adventurous road ride.

wtb byway 700c

In an effort to categorize the entire WTB tire line according to tread pattern, the previously named Exposure 32 and Exposure 34 tires have been renamed to Expanse 32 and Byway 34, respectively. The treads of these tires have not changed from their original designs.

WTB Exposure 700c

Love WTB Road Plus tires, but wish they were available with black sidewalls? Consider it done! Horizon, Byway, Venture and Sendero Road Plus tires are now available with either black or tan sidewalls.

wtb byway 700c

Each of these new tires falls in line with a new pricing structure where all tubeless drop bar tires carry a competitive MSRP of $59.95, regardless of diameter or width. This price change creates uniformity across the line and results in a price decrease of $24 for all WTB adventure road tires as well as a $11 decrease for all 650b Road Plus tires. All these tires will be available from our California warehouse by the middle-to-end of September.

Byway 34/40/44 700c

wtb byway 700c

Gravel tire of choice for long days of endless exploration when pavement, hardpack and gravel are all on the menu. The high-volume casing allows it to push further into the dirt than is expected of a semi-slick drop-bar tire.

wtb byway 700c

Byway 47 Road Plus

Staying true to the adventure road end of its usage, a slick centerline borders angular hatching to keep things swift on any pavement required to get to the good stuff, aka dirt.

Exposure 30/36 700c

WTB Exposure 700c

WTB Exposure 700c

Exposure is a high-volume tubeless tire designed to tackle crumbling tarmac while still delivering the fast-rolling benefits of a semi-slick road tire. Mount up a set and hit the open, yet sometimes rough, road.

Expanse 32 700c

wtb expanse 700c

wtb expanse 700c

WTB Tires


  1. Avatar Pat

    Can anyone explain why tanwall is lighter?

  2. Avatar Bike Nerd

    Did Gravelbikes just drive a stake into the heart of Roadbikes. I’m looking at these Byway tires and I’m thinking that 700×44 Byway tires would be ideal for all pavement “Road” rides. Give me volume so I can use low presures and be comfortable.. Give me at least a wee bit of tread so that I can get some traction (unlike a full slick) but with a nice fast rolling center section. I just donated my old Roadbike to charity!

  3. Avatar Jim Tremblay

    I purchase a pair of WTB Byway34 Tires for my wife’s gravel bike and had nothing but struggles getting a seal. I purchased the whole kit (Byway tires, Muc-Off sealant and Stan’s valve stems) new from my LBS. The tires mounted easily and pressurized with little effort but once I put sealant in I started to notice pinholes in the sidewalls. The first night the tires went flat by morning and the pinhole count was modest. This cycle of going flat over night went on for four days and the number of pinholes exceeded a hundred. You could clearly see a pattern consistent with the underlying fabric weave. (photos available) I’ve never seen a tubeless tire so poorly constructed with hundreds of pinholes requiring four days to fully seal but according to WTB Rider Support that didn’t surprise them or warrant further comment.

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