Press Release: T-Lab Pushes Gravel Possibilities Forward

T-LAB Bicycles announced that it will be introducing an updated version of its flagship X3 Gravel/Adventure bike. The X3 has garnered a growing cult following among gravel aficionados based on its unique, performance-enhancing shaped titanium profile and exceptional ride qualities. For the 2019 model, T-LAB pushes forward by making an enhanced tire clearance of 650Bx51 or 700x44c a standard offering.

2019 t-lab x3 titanium gravel bike

If you missed it, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew reviewed the original T-Lab X-3 in Australia and beyond; the 2019 changes to the X3 are very welcome.

2019 t-lab x3 titanium gravel bike

“Everyone’s looking for that elusive one-quiver bike, particularly when considering the ever-lasting aspect of a titanium frame”, says Rob Rossi, CoFounder of T-LAB. “The enhancements we’ve made to the X3 position it as close as you can get to the bulls’ eye in that regard.”

2019 t-lab x3 titanium gravel bike

The 2019 T-LAB X3 also features a new, integrated fender mount and will be available in a variety of configurations, including a new Aggressive Gravel geometry that was designed for the most intrepid riders. “The fact that we make each T-LAB to order means we don’t have to compromise when it comes to what a cyclist is looking for in their dream gravel bike.”

The 2019 T-LAB X3 will be officially unveiled at NAHBS 2019 in Sacramento and can be pre-ordered immediately.

7 comments on “Press Release: T-Lab Pushes Gravel Possibilities Forward

  1. I’m very impressed by what these guys are doing. Definitely a cut above many of the already fine ti bikes out there, and the prices are surprisingly not out of control for a ti bike.

    1. I first saw T-Lab at NAHBS in CT and was really impressed by the bikes. He was also one of the builders that seemed most proud of his work and was very enthusiastic about what they are doing up there in Canada. The shaped ti tubing is fantastic and provides not only better stiffness, but is better looking than cookie cutter round tubed bike frames. When I buy my next bike it will be a T-Lab bikes.

  2. How do you think this bike compares in regards to handling and ride with a GT-1 from Mosaic?

  3. How would you compare, or rank the X3, with the other Ti bikes you have ridden?
    It’s on a very short list for my next gravel bike, which will be titanium.

    1. Patrick, I don’t like to make comparisons, but the T-Lab is one of my favorites, especially the latest edition, which improved upon the one I reviewed in 2018. I love the beautifully shaped titanium tubes, you seldom see that with titanium.

      Good luck with your decision!

  4. I bought the X3 that you reviewed n Feb 2018 and Iove it. Quick to get to speed, very stable at high speed 50kmhr + down hill, also reasonable climber. All that with the comfort of titanium
    What else can you ask for.

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