Press Release: Argonaut Introduces the GR2 Gravel Racer

“Ben Farver of Argonaut began making steel frames in Portland OR in 2007. In 2011 Farver switched materials and started building custom carbon fiber frames made by hand in the USA. Argonaut controls every step of the process making the tooling, as well as the frame parts themselves in the USA. Argonaut has won several Best Lay Up awards as well as Best In Show at NAHBS 2014, (North American Hand Built Bicycle Show) becoming the first carbon builder to receive this prestigious award. Relocating to Bend, Oregon, Argonaut continues to grow and innovate.” – Argonaut

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

“With a total weight of 16 lbs., rider-specific geometry and rider-specific layup pattern, the Argonaut GR2 is the perfect tool for a weekday hammerfest or a brutal 8-hour gravel race.”

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

“The GR2 inherits the award-winning performance that distinguishes every Argonaut. The original Gravel Racer debuted in 2015, receiving “Best In Show” at that year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Designed for speed in a wide variety of road surfaces and conditions, it represented the state of the art in gravel geometry and tech. Since then, Argonaut has intentionally sat on the sidelines of the gravel scene as things have changed, watching and planning how to make the next best gravel bike.”

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

“Gravel expectations have evolved, and the GR2 is built to excel in modern race conditions. Most importantly, Argonaut believes their bikes should jump when you step on the gas, and the GR2 is no exception; but geometry is only part of their special blend.”

“Argonaut’s ability to make completely rider-customized carbon fiber layups is unique, and when combined with full-custom geometry it creates the truly transcendent ride characteristic of every Argonaut. Lively and precise, the GR2 will win praise as effortlessly as it wins races.”

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

Frame Specs:

  • Full carbon bladder molded frame construction
  • Rider-specific layup pattern
  • 142 x 12 rear spacing
  • Speed Release front and rear thru-axle
  • ENVE GRD Fork
  • Chris King i8 Headset
  • Chris King T47 bottom bracket
  • Clearance for 700x38c tire.

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

Pricing and Specification:

  • Starting at $6500 for the frameset

As pictured: 16lbs / $12,999

The wheels on this example are ENVE’S G23 carbon disc brake wheelset. Be sure to check out our comprehensive video review of these wheels!

Argonaut GR2 Gravel Racer in Action

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

argonaut gr2 gravel racer

Argonaut Cycles

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15 comments on “Press Release: Argonaut Introduces the GR2 Gravel Racer

    1. Agreed. This bike reminds me a lot of the Allied Alfa Allroad I reviewed earlier this year with Rotor’s UNO group. The bike was blazing fast but its achilles heel – the same tyre clearance as the Argonaut. Definitely not a bike you could ride absolutely everywhere.

  1. Agree, I’d like to see something with a 4 in front of it when they are quoting tyre size and have some clearance for mud. Looks stunning, maybe more so than the Allied.

  2. 12,999!!?? To ride in dirt? When I started riding the back roads, my 1,000 dollar Bianchi San Remo did the job, still does. Gravel riding has been ruined.

    1. I have a press release coming of a sweet budget bike coming soon… I wouldn’t say gravel has been ruined, some people will relish riding $$$ machines whilst others will cobble together whatever works. I dumped about $1500 on my first official gravel bike, aka a reconstituted cross bike. A Redline Conquest that did the job nicely!

      1. Are Cannondale sending you one of their new machines to ride? Bang for buck they look impressive. I hear there’s a new Slate coming in 2020.

  3. If bike companies would actually consult with real gravel riders and find out what is wanted, needed and possible to build then a 38mm max tire “GRAVEL” bike wouldn’t even be considered. Is it simply another case of “We know what you want, ride this!?”

    1. The problem they are listening…to the racers at the pointy end, not the rest of us down the rear of the event

      1. True. Been at the pointy end, well… close to it and I’ve got to say that I’ve enjoyed my cycling a helluva lot more at the other end of things. Well and truly over the “must have” merry-go-round! ?

      2. I hope my reviews draw attention to the fact that insufficient tyre clearance is a major deal killer for all of us riding for fun. Some manufacturers have taken notice… there’s a reason why my personal bikes are what they are.

        1. Jom,
          Your reviews are excellent in my opinion. Sorry if I’ve been too
          negative. I’ve found your unbiased comments refreshing and at times, pretty brave, considering that companies have you test their products. Hats off to those who listen.

          BTW: The CVGCC is now a Strava club with over 130 members. We’re having our first official ride this SATURDAY 15th. Only 100 km, but through some nice hilly picturesque areas of C.V. We’re calling it GRAVEL NIRVANA.

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