Otso Cycles release the Warakin Ti: Efficient, responsive, sprightly titanium

Observant readers may have noticed a shiny titanium bike during last week’s launch of HED’s Eroica Carbon wheelset. Hiding inside that press release within plain sight was the all-new Otso Cycles Warakin Ti. Because playing by the rules is good some of the time, particularly with respect to media embargoes, we had to wait until the embargo date lifted, and a press kit and so on were available. Without further ado…

otso warakin titanium gravel bike review

“The Warakin Ti is an efficient, responsive, sprightly titanium bike that can handle any road in any weather. Using the progressive geometry of its Warakin Stainless predecessor, the Warakin Ti pairs unrivaled ride quality with the superior quality of titanium. It’s a lightweight, durable, lively machine that will carry the rider to where they choose to go while enjoying every pedal stroke along the way.” – OtsoCycles.com

otso warakin titanium gravel bike review


“The 3Al/2.5V B338 grade 9 titanium that we use for the Warakin Ti is the same titanium that has been a bicycle industry favorite for decades, and with good reason. Equal parts science and magic, titanium is durable, lightweight, lively, corrosion-resistant, and timeless. The tubing is seamless, butted, clean, and strong. It’s because of the superior quality of titanium that we chose this material to lend to our heralded Warakin geometry as a bike that will endure the roughest roads in the harshest conditions and tell the stories for decades to come.”

otso warakin titanium gravel bike review

Extra Tyre Clearance

“If a bike is meant to ride any road in any condition, it needs to fit tires and wheels that will get you to and from your destination, while handling every bump along the way. The massive tire clearance of the Warakin Ti was built with this in mind. It’ll fit 29″ x 2.1″ for that road that doesn’t actually appear on the map, just as easily as 650b x 50mm for windy forest trails, or 700c x 35mm for your next gravel ride. Because a frame that can last forever needs to have the ability to adapt to whatever the road (and the future) may bring.”

otso warakin titanium gravel bike review


“Like all Otso bikes, the Warakin Ti sports our patented Tuning Chip rear dropout system, which allows the rider to lengthen or shorten the wheelbase by up to 20mm and raise or lower the bottom bracket by up to 4mm. For chunky gravel on remote roads, the longer wheelbase of the rear position is set for stability and comfort. For a quick spin around town or the CX course, the front position makes for snappy handling and agile control. The middle position? That’s the best of both worlds. The Tuning Chip rear dropout system was designed because the bike should be just as versatile as its rider.”

otso warakin titanium gravel bike review


otso warakin titanium gravel bike review
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otso warakin titanium gravel bike review

Otso Warakin Ti Frame Specifications

Frame material Seamless 3Al-2.5V B338 grade 9 titanium, internally butted front triangle
Bottom bracket standard 68mm BSA threaded
Q-factor 146mm with Shimano RS510 crankset
Maximum chainring size 2x 53T round; 1x 50T round or 46T oval
Front derailleur type 31.8mm clamp, bottom pull
Headset ZS44/28.6 upper, EC44/40.0 lower
Seatpost diameter Ø27.2mm
Seatpost clamp Ø31.8mm
Front/rear hub standard 100x15mm thru axle / 142x12mm thru axle
Front/rear axle Ø15x100mm front, TP = 1.5, TL = 15mm / Ø12x180mm rear, TP = 1.5, TL = 12mm
Derailleur hanger Wolf Tooth Tuning Chip Right Dropout
Rear brake (rotor) flat mount, 74mm post mount adapter available (160mm)
Front brake (rotor) flat mount native, 74mm post mount adapter included (160mm)
Fork axle-to-crown 400mm
Fork offset 47mm
Bare frame weight (54cm) 3.4lbs (1542g)
Fork weight (Lithic Hiili) 490g
Tire clearance (frame) 40mm at 420mm chainstay position, 50mm at 430/440mm chainstay position
Tire clearance (fork) Max clearance 29×2.1″ (54-622)
Braze-ons 3 bottle mounts, fender, rack, cable clamps

otso warakin titanium gravel bike review

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otso warakin titanium gravel bike review

Pricing, build kits & further information available at Otso Cycles


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