FSA presents its renewed drivetrain: “After years of study and development, K-Force WE 12 Speed is Ready to Ride”

“K-Force WE is a high-tech electronic groupset with an elegant design. A unique product that will make you change the way you ride your bike.” – https://fullspeedahead.com

K-Force WE 12 Speed

Disc Brake Shifters

k-force we 12 speed review

  • Compact master cylinder
  • Minimal hood and housing design for optimum ergonomics
  • Top mount bleed port
  • Lever reach adjustment
  • Roller actuator lever design
  • Integrated reservoir
  • Composite lever blade
  • Delrin™ piston guide
  • Oversized lever pivot bushings
  • Stainless steel pivot pin
  • Master cylinder clamp
  • High pressure three layer FSA hose
  • O-ring sealed hose connection
  • Compatibility : FSA K-Force WE
  • Coin cell battery : CR2032 (semi-wireless design)
  • Carbon and matte finish
  • 405 grams a pair (shifters only)

Check out Gravel Cyclist’s review of the original K-Force WE 11 Speed groupset on gravel.

Based on our intel, not much has changed from the 11 speed shifters to these 12 speed models.

Front Derailleur

k-force we 12 speed review

  • K-Force WE 2X12 speed system
  • 70 ms shift time
  • Auto-trimming; minimal chance of chain rub
  • Chainring compatibility : 53/40T, 52/39T, 50/37T, 46/33T
  • IPx9K high-pressure waterproof level
  • Tooth difference: 16T-19T
  • Fits standard braze-on mounts
  • Color graphics
  • 159 grams

In the 11 speed variant, the front derailleur was the brains of FSA WE. Now, the front derailleur only handles its own shifting, and not controlling that of the rear derailleur as well. However, all system adjustments such as alignment and limits, continue to be set by the front derailleur.

Rear Derailleur

k-force we 12 speed review

  • K-Force WE 12 speed system
  • Shifter Compatibility – K-Force WE
  • Cassette Compatibility – K-Force WE
  • Energy saving composite pulleys
  • Max 32T Cog
  • Carbon finish and composite
  • Color graphics
  • 240 grams

The rear derailleur has received updated electronics and a new sensor, to further improve shifting accuracy. The other change, shifting orders are passed directly to the rear derailleur from the shifters, vs the front derailleur being command central, as was the case in the 11 speed version.


k-force we 12 speed review

  • Short circuit protected
  • 1100 mAh
  • Rechargeable (with FSA charger only)
  • Compatible with FSA seatpost adaptor – 27.2 & 31.6 seatposts

Nothing much appears to have changed with the battery and charger. Same 1100 mAh capacity, and it still connects the front and rear derailleurs. This is effectively how Shimano powers their 12 speed range of Di2 derailleurs.

BB386 EVO Modular Crankset

k-force we 12 speed review

  • Hollow 3K carbon fiber arms
  • Carbon composite arms
  • AL7075 100% CNC chainrings
  • 30mm CNC machined AL7050 BB386EVO spindle
  • BCD – Direct Mount
  • Optimized for 11 Speed, 12S SRAM, Shimano, FSA SIZES
  • Length – 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175mm
  • Direct Mount
  • Chainrings – 54/40T, 50/34T, 46/30T (12S Shimano/ FSA)
  • 3K finish
  • Bead blasted anodized black
  • 544 grams (54/40T)

FSA’s modular crankset design means chainring pairings can be swapped out relatively easily, without replacing the crank arms.


k-force we 12 speed review
11 Speed Cassette pictured
  • 12 speed cassette sprocket
  • Cast and heat-treated one-piece cassette
  • 13% weight reduction from previous generation
  • Combinations: 11-25T, 11-28T, 11-32T
  • Electroless nickel plated cogs
  • Anodized black: Lock Ring, Ti cogs, carbon spider
  • 196 grams for 11-32T

Unfortunately, no photos available of the 12 speed cassette available at this time.


k-force we 12 speed review

  • 12 speed compatible
  • Quiet and efficient performance
  • Superior durability
  • 5.6mm width
  • Nickel plated finish
  • 250 grams for 116 links

No notable changes for the chain, aside from being narrower versus the 11 speed version.

Brake Rotor

k-force we 12 speed review

  • Two piece rotor design with forged aluminum carrier
  • Double disc ground stainless steel rub ring
  • Countersunk rivets and disc screw mount points
  • 6 Bolts or Centerlock
  • Rounded edge shape
  • 160mm and 140mm rotors
  • 125 grams (160mm – 6Bolts)
  • 103 grams (140mm – 6Bolts)

Finally a Centerlock option is offered, and sorry rim brake fans, they are no longer an option with FSA WE.

Availability & Pricing

Price for the 2,390 gram FSA WE 12 speed groupset is €4,280 / $US 4,275, which is a lot of coin. For the gravel-minded crowd, this may not be an option, especially as the rear derailleur does not feature a clutch, and is seemingly 2x only (wondering if the front derailleur is taken out of the picture, will everything still function?) With that said, the 11 speed variant of FSA WE performed well in a long-term review here at Gravel Cyclist. Availability towards the end of 2022.

More information available at FSA’s Website

One thought on “FSA presents its renewed drivetrain: “After years of study and development, K-Force WE 12 Speed is Ready to Ride”

  1. Let’s see, the outgoing 11 speed is 3270 Euro so this is a price increase of around 30%.
    I think FSA missed what i would consider the most important thing, a full support net for those who invest in this groupset. Overhere the choice is almost always Shimano, even Sram is less than easy, Campa is not easy.
    I also wonder about the prices in all cycling related, it’s almost like the hobby is turning to a new clientele than before!?
    I’d say 12 speed Ultegra Di2 cost as my Sram Etap groupset and the top of the notch versions is encumbered with Rolls Royce pricing.
    Just look at the latest frameset prices, Shimano DA Di2, FSA, Campa and we’ll just wait and see what Srams follow up of AXS will cost.
    It’s bizarre, i have a bike which is really expensive, but i expect my next bike will be custom geo aluminium, Ultegra Di2 and carbon aftermarket crank and none of the big brand wheelsets. Why? Because prices are simply skyrocketing compared to my income increase.
    Is this really going to work in the long run?
    Honestly, i don’t get it…..

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