VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The Mount Pleasant to Apamurra Gravel Loop

Mount Pleasant is a small town in South Australia, founded in 1843. The town is located just north of the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia, but there are plenty of rolling hills in the area. The area is known for its grain production and sheep farming. Apamurra is home to a large grain silo and caters to production in the area. During Apamurra’s railway days, there were about 20 homes in the area housing workers from the silo. The railway line was closed down in the mid 2000’s and truck transport has since picked up the load.

Not so well known about the area is the expansive network of dirt and gravel roads that are barely inhabited or traveled by people in cars. Thus, I took a Litespeed T5G gravel bike, Go Pro camera, drone camera and a mobile phone to record a ride in the area.

Thanks for watching!

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17 comments on “VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The Mount Pleasant to Apamurra Gravel Loop

  1. Pretty awesome terrain JOM! I’ll bet you carry lots of water out there.
    Drone shots are fascinating. Pretty bumpy RR tracks. I’d have bad head movies about a rogue train coming at me on a bridge!

    1. Carrying the two litre bottles I was dragging around at Gravel Worlds… this ride was sans store stop, but usually I plan one along the way.

    1. JOM has a pet swallow he ties a GoPro too……not sure if it’s African or European…..

        1. K-Dogg,

          Yes it is, BUT there is evidence of coconut husk hanging off it’s dorsal feathers….

    2. In the shots where you see me, the drone has a “follow me” type mode, that I can also have “profile” me. It isn’t perfect, tree cover will affect it with shadowing, etc, and you really want to avoid flying drones around trees! The rest of the time, I am flying it manually, mostly for the landscape type shots. It is very small and resides in a backpack with a bunch of batteries I carry during my rides.

  2. Tremendous video that warms our last subzero climate in Italy.
    Drone shots also rises the beauty of dry scenery.
    Many thanks for sharing.

  3. Very nice professional video – thanks! Far from the weather and terrain in Sweden these

  4. JOM,

    Just out of interest…..what size and price etc is the drone you are using?

    1. Thanks Adam! More to come when I find time… freelancing for BikeRumor at the Tour Down Under at the moment… and seeing family, friends, etc.

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