VIDEO: Something a little different – A Day Inside the Lampre Merida Team Car

LampreMeridaTeamCarVideo2016-aAlready mentioned numerous times in G.C. posts made during January of 2016, I (JOM) did a lot of freelance journalistic work for my friends at – I love the tech side of cycling, whether it be gravel, road, cyclocross or vintage, and wrote many articles about the machines of the professional peloton at the 2016 Tour Down Under.

While this site is about the gravel cycling experience, I thought it worthy to share this experience. I was given the opportunity to ride with the Lampre Merida team for Stage 4 of the race – I produced a video about the day, which I hope you enjoy.

Thank you to Advance Traders and Merida Bikes Australia for facilitating this amazing day with Team Lampre Merida!

Thank you also to Philippe Mauduit (Director Sportiff), Ronny Baron (Lampre Mechanic) and Ralf Tiede (Merida Race Support). You are a great bunch of guys who I hope to meet again in the future.

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5 comments on “VIDEO: Something a little different – A Day Inside the Lampre Merida Team Car

  1. So awesome!
    I think I need YOUR autograph JOM!
    Although next time try to get in the helicopter ok?

    I’m just sayin’

    1. I was working as Media at the Tour Down Under on behalf of Presently, am freelancing for two entities, but would like to be more seriously involved in the future…

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