VIDEO REVIEW: SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack Review – The Most Versatile Bike Rack Ever?

The SeaSucker Talon rack is the perfect rack for cars not typically suited for a bike rack. Or, it’s a temporary bike rack that can attach to virtually any car in under a minute, but save the unsightly appearance of a hitch or rack hanging permanently off your car.

With the correct fork adapter, the SeaSucker Talon is compatible with virtually every bike. JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew tested the rack extensively with three bikes and three cars, including drone footage of the rack and bike atop the roof of a moving vehicle.

SeaSucker Talon 1-Bike Rack
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SeaSucker Mini-Bomber 2-Bike Rack
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SeaSucker Bomber 3-Bike Rack
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SeaSucker Falcon 1-Bike Pickup Truck Rack
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SeaSucker Bike Racks and More

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9 comments on “VIDEO REVIEW: SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack Review – The Most Versatile Bike Rack Ever?

  1. “attaches in less than a minute” and detaches, bike and all, in much less than that I would guess. No way of locking it would worry me.

    Was in the LBS the other day and saw the results of driving into the garage with a bike on roof – trashed both hed wheels and the carbon frame. Always move your trash can out into your car’s garage stall when you put your bike on the roof.

    1. Tom, I didn’t mention it in the video, but SeaSucker does offer a lock for the rack… knew I forgot to mention something. Your idea to save destroying a bike is brilliant!

  2. I’ve been using these racks for a number of years. I often take them to Europe as a compact rack for traveling between areas that i’m riding. they are brilliant!

  3. Great rack in my experience. One thing you won’t forget more than once is to strap one of the crank arms to the chainstay, BEFORE putting the bike on. Otherwise the cranks will rotate and hit the roof of your car!

  4. It looks much nicer on top of the car than the roof rack on my 911…
    I really only have one problem with it. The change between fork types. Bolting and unbolting the different mounts is a bigger pain than you make it out to be in the video. You can overcome that somewhat however by using the Fork UP adapters. That’s got to be a much quicker solution.
    Okay – a second quibble. You have to put the front wheel somewhere. I’m not a fan of the Hogg, and it only works with QR. Putting a muddy bike wheel in the backseat of my 911 really doesn’t appeal to me.

    1. Erik, I have an oversized wheelbag for throwing into the back of my 911 – or another car. No way can you junk up the inside of your Porsche!

      I cut down the editing time on swapping adapters to save everyone from watching a 25+ minute video.

      1. Oh I definitely agree with the editing. But having three different fork configurations means this becomes less useful. Unless you buy a couple of the fork-up adapters. Which raises the price – but is still cheaper than my roof rack. Maybe I’m just jealous, since my 911 whistles when the wind blows through the roof rack at 70mph/110kph.

  5. I have been using one since 2015 on my coupe for my bicycles including a Shiv with QR and Crux with T-A with no need for an adapter. I was skeptical at first using a strap to secure the frame but since I have been using it regularly at speed up to 70-75 Mph with no issue.
    I have 2 Thule racks on another car and every 3 years when you replaced your car you are forced to replaced the cross bars for newer models. Adding insult to injury, 2015 bike supports were recalled and replaced by newer models which lost the locking capability feature of the older model. Now I have to ad a cable lock.

  6. We just started carrying these at our shop. They now come standard with the Huske fork mount. You still need to get different adapters for thru axles, but you do not need to switch fork mounts.

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