VIDEO REVIEW: Rotor Uno Hydraulic Groupset paired with Allied Cycle Works Alfa Allroad!

Video review of Rotor’s Uno Hydraulic Groupset, paired with the Allied Cycle Works Alfa Allroad and Enve wheels!

The Spanish made Rotor Uno groupset is the first all-hydraulic groupset intended for the road / gravel market. It is a huge departure from the norms of mechanical and electronic shifting we see in the current day.

The Allied Cycle Works Alfa Allroad is hand-made in Little Rock, Arkansas. Constructed from carbon fiber using a monocoque technique, this beautiful all road bicycle is super light and looks the business.

The Allied Alfa Allroad and Rotor Uno groupset was ridden, raced and reviewed during a three-month period, mostly in the South Eastern United States. For those curious, the bike weighs approximately 17.2lbs with the components shown in the video plus Panaracer Gravelking SK tyres.

Note: The review covers the operation and performance of the system, not maintenance such as bleeding. Rotor has plenty of subject matter available on this topic.

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  1. Aesthetically it’s a stunning frameset. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have a smidgen more clearance as that’d make it very tempting. I can live without 650b, but being able to take a 38/40mm tyre would be nice. I appreciate it’s a trade off.

    Every time I watch a review it shows how sorted the Open UP frames are.

    Rotor group, might have been interesting 10 years ago (notthe prettiest of groupos either)

  2. Avatar James

    Agreed the derailleurs aren’t pretty and the rear one seems very wide, in that it sticks out far. Also 30t max… seems like a non-starter right there for the gravel crowd.

    • JOM JOM

      My one regret of the review; not trying a Shimano 11-32 cassette with the groupset.

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