VIDEO REVIEW: Quarq TyreWiz – Real-Time Tyre Pressure Monitor

The Quarq TyreWiz and related phone app / Garmin or Wahoo computer software add-ons provide real-time tyre pressure monitoring. The mobile app provides personalized tire pressure recommendations and allows one to designate front and rear sensors for live feedback from a Garmin or Wahoo cycling computer.

Is the TyreWiz the sort of device that should grace the bike of the average Gravel Cyclist? Or is it good for the roadie type market only? JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew rode the TyreWiz on road and gravel bikes, and his findings are in this review.

Quarq TyreWiz
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Quarq TyreWiz Installation.

TyreWiz Software for Android, iPhone and Garmin.

Pairing TyreWiz to Garmin Connect IQ Data Field.

Gravel Cycling footage in this video provided by Clint Gibbs (

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2 comments on “VIDEO REVIEW: Quarq TyreWiz – Real-Time Tyre Pressure Monitor

  1. I would consider touring cyclist or randonneur would use the tyrewiz.
    Is there an off position or does it automatically turn on when the wheel turns?

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