VIDEO Review: 3T Strada Long-Term Review – The 1x / Single Chainring Road Bike

Stating the obvious, the 3T Strada isn’t a gravel bike, but it shares technology that has been seen on gravel bikes – the 1x / single chainring drivetrain. 3T is known for their Exploro gravel bike – and now, this unique take on an aero road bike.

Whilst Gravel Cyclist is usually known for reviews and articles pertaining to gravel bikes, this collaborative review with our friends at was too good of an opportunity to pass up. It also helps that JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew still rides on the road from time to time.

JOM used the 3T Strada as his primary road bike over many months. He rode around North Central Florida on pavement, historic brick and the odd dirt and gravel road, as well as taking the 3T Strada into the mountains of Georgia, USA.

How did JOM like the Strada? How about the 1x drivetrain on a road bike? JOM covers all of the subjects in the video.

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