VIDEO: New Bike Feature – Yamaha Wabash Power Assist Gravel Bike

E-Bicycles / Pedal Assist Bicycles are part of a category that is growing in popularity right up there with Gravel bikes. E-Bikes certainly are not for everyone, but they definitely have their place in the market.

Yamaha has recognized this opportunity in the market and released their take on a pedal assist gravel bike, the Wabash electric gravel bike. JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew was invited to the San Diego, California area, for an exclusive first ride on the Wabash.

JOM talks about key features of the Wabash and takes it out for an hour or two of some seriously fun riding. No matter your opinions of E-Bikes, they open up cycling to a lot more people and can be a total blast to ride. Remember, this isn’t a review.

Yamaha Bicycles

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