VIDEO: Mixed-Surface Cycling in Montezuma and beyond, Georgia, USA

Montezuma, Georgia, located roughly in the middle of the state of Georgia, USA, was named after the famous Aztec leader by soldiers returning from the Mexican War (1846–48). The area is also home to several Mennonite communities, who offered up a friendly wave as I chugged on by. Much of my route would take me through rural farmland, which features plenty of rolling hills, some good tree cover here and there and almost no cars on these lovely roads.

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6 comments on “VIDEO: Mixed-Surface Cycling in Montezuma and beyond, Georgia, USA

  1. Nice peaceful video. So relaxing. Quaint little towns. Perfect for an after ride (yawn) snoozzzzzz………. 🙂

    Let sleeping Doggs lay.

  2. Any route or road suggestions for this area? I live not too far from there and would like to ride those roads.

    1. Got lucky… only one dog spotted, he didn’t bother giving chase. However, I’ve got a video coming out soon where I rode from Omega, GA. Had a dog almost lynch me in the last mile! Captured on video too.

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