Video: KAV Sports 3D Printed Custom Bicycle Helmet

kav sports custom helmet review

KAV’s Mission Statement

“Design, engineer, and fabricate helmets that are captivating to wear. Comfortable. Cool. Sleek. Redesign helmets from the ground up to maximize protection against concussions using advanced materials, manufacturing techniques, and patented technologies. Manufacture helmets with sustainability at the forefront using net zero carbon emissions manufacturing in Redwood City, California.”

kav sports 3d printed custom helmet review

KAV Helmet Personalization

“Each helmet is fabricated around your head measurements providing a superior fit, improved aerodynamics, and a flattering profile. Personalization made possible by the KAV PerFit System – customization software feeding our 3D printers.”

KAV Helmet Presentation Video

In this short video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew receives a quick rundown on the tech that is part of KAV’s custom 3D-printed helmets. For more info, check them out at –

kav sports custom helmet review

Unparalleled Protection

Continued from above: “While your helmet is unique to you, it benefits from a universal set of technologies to reduce linear and rotational impact forces. We started with the science of head trauma and built impact rigs before a pencil began even sketching our first helmet.”

kav sports 3d printed custom helmet review

Net Zero Emissions

“Protecting you and protecting the environment aren’t mutually exclusive. Our made-to-measure process means we only make what’s needed and fabricated in Redwood City, California. So there are no excess inventory or shipping products from halfway across the world.”

kav sports 3d printed custom helmet review

kav sports 3d printed custom helmet review

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  1. Avatar Volsung

    I have a UK made Hexr helmet, which was the only custom helmet available at the time. Was like $400 vs $250 for a good off the shelf helmet, but is way more comfortable and doesn’t hurt my head like every other helmet I’ve tried. Bonus is it’s way smaller since it’s designed to fit MY head, rather than me sizing up because nothing is oval enough.

    These ones look like they have better ventilation, which is my only complaint about the Hexr.

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