VIDEO Interview: Gary Mendenhall of the 4G Gravel Grinder!

JOM of Gravel Cyclist interviews Gary Mendenhall, the man behind the 4G Gravel Grinder (Facebook event HERE – Facebook Group HERE) – the most Southern, yet un-Southern gravel grinder there is in the US of A! The 2017 edition takes place on March 19, 2017.

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3 comments on “VIDEO Interview: Gary Mendenhall of the 4G Gravel Grinder!

  1. please send me information about Miami Dade gravel ride event on march19,2017.
    This will be my first time doing this kind of event like this. ROAD CYCLIST TO GRAVEL CYCLIST, looks like fun no vehicles to deal with unlike the road.

    1. Hey, Michael Grant!! Send me a Facebook message and we can touch base, will give you all details I have at present on the upcoming 2017 4G.

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