VIDEO: Gravel Cycling at Night Time? – How the Gravel Cyclist crew trains in Winter!

Gravel cycling at night time? The Gravel Cyclist crew and friends are all about riding outdoors. Indoor trainers? We don’t like them! In our part of the world, North Central Florida, we are fortunate that we can ride year round, sans snow!

This video gives you an idea of what we get up to when daylight savings time ends, and we are forced to don lights, and ride our gravel / cyclocross bikes at nighttime on our local dirt and gravel roads.

Distances vary from 27 miles / 43km to 42 miles / 67km… and most of us ride to and from the ride… bonus miles / kms!

Thank you for watching!

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8 comments on “VIDEO: Gravel Cycling at Night Time? – How the Gravel Cyclist crew trains in Winter!

  1. Great video, JOM, you piker, LoL
    Nice to see K Dogg again
    I did a late night ride here in CV, left about 10pm, I love it…. except for the roos!

    1. See, I love the roos hopping around the place. Deer are the common animal around here, although one night about eight years ago, we were almost ambushed by a huge wild board momma and her six piglets… they were hauling arse!!!

      Also, no piking out here… I’m still recovering from a double hernia surgery!

      1. Yeah, sorry about that…. I was only stirrin’….like us Aussies do.

        There’s something special about night rides, I’ve done some late night/very early morning and overnight rides. The rustling in the bushes, the lonely bird night calls, foxes eyes eerily catching the glow from the bike lights makes one’s senses tingle and hairs bristle… it!

      2. I’d love to see something technical, choice of lights, mounting and so forth.

        I’m running an Exposure Strada 1200 underneath the GPS on a Barfly mount supplemented by a helmet mount Light & Motion Vis 360 and standard blinkies in the rear.


        1. Hey Tim, noted. I’ve received several requests for this, so I’ll knock up an article about Lights of the Gravel Cyclist crew!

  2. Excellent video of nighttime gravel ride. Love the fact that there are no traffics on these gravel rides. Ride safe and ride well.

    – wai c-

    1. Thank you Wai! Night riding is the reason I originally began riding on gravel roads. I was looking for an alternative to riding on pavement / bitumen… so glad we have these roads right at our doorstep. Not everyone is so lucky.

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