VIDEO: Gainesville, Florida after Hurricane Irma

JOM and members of the Gravel Cyclist crew rode bicycles around parts of Gainesville, Florida, and surrounding areas, in the days after Hurricane Irma. For the most part, this part of Florida was very fortunate to escape with minimal damage.

Scenes include Hogtowne Creek, Super Cool Bike Shop, Newnans Lake, Baden Powell Road.

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  1. Avatar Mark Bates

    Dude! That looks almost as bad as the Hilly Billy Roubaix course!

  2. Avatar Lee Henson

    Wow. As always, the best way to survey the countryside, whether for pleasure or damage assessment, is via bicycle! Great drone footage – really gives a different perspective than what we would see through regular/national media outlets.

  3. Avatar Larry E. Brenize

    Dang Mark I wanted to do Hilly Billy next year. At one point JOM I thought I was watching drone footage when they were pulling the rowboat/canoe or whatever it was and then I saw the wave. I then realize you were riding you bike through that deep water. I was thinking maybe you hooked one of those tiny fishing motors to the back of your bike. lol

    • JOM JOM

      Larry, the rowboat footage was from the drone… I flew it just above water level. Many hours of drone flying practice 🙂

  4. Avatar Steve f LAGG

    Makes one realize how vulnerable we mere mortals really are….be it these wild displays of Nature’s wrath or a minute virus, undetectable to the human eye, we are subject to the unknown! Stay safe, people.

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