VIDEO: Gainesville, Florida after Hurricane Irma – Part Two – Paynes Prairie

Hurricane Irma passed through Florida a few weeks ago, but many areas of the state are still seeing the effects of this hurricane.

Paynes Prairie is a 21,000 acre protected ecosystem, home to alligators, bison, wild horses and other animals. It is in the center of the Paynes Prairie Basin. The basin’s primary source of drainage is Alachua Sink. During occasional wet periods, the basin will become full. October 2017 is one such time.

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  1. Avatar Paul

    Is that I-75 , drive by every March on way to the Tampa area. That is still a lot of water in the surrounding area.

  2. Avatar Moose

    Coincidentally, just a day or so after this posted, US-441 was completely closed because of further flooding. Great videos from post-Irma. Good job, mate!!

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