VIDEO: Episode 3 – Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question!

Episode Three of “Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question”, can be seen below.

Questions in this episode:

  1. If you were to install your tires backwards (as in directional specific), would you go backwards?
  2. If you substituted your hydration mix (or water) for coconut water, would you ride faster?
  3. If you could take one of the Gravel Cyclist crew with you to a deserted gravel cycling paradise, who would it be and what bike would you choose?
  4. When riding in deep sand (it happens in some areas on the planet) should you be in front of, or behind, the illustrious K-Dogg? (he’s a member of the Gravel Cyclist crew… he also won the 60+ category at the 2016 Dirty Kanza 200).
  5. Flared drop handlebars – yay or nay?
  6. Assuming you’re on a group gravel ride and you split the rear end of your shorts. What do you do?

Episode Four coming soon, post your questions here!

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