VIDEO: Episode 1 – Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question!

Episode One of our new segment, “Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question”, can be seen below.

Questions in this episode:

  1. Looking to build a new bike for gravel and hardpack trails with 650B wheels for a smaller female rider. What are the pro’s and cons of such a bike with 650B wheels and tires?
  2. Why is it that K-Dogg (60+yo member of Team Gravel Cyclist) is beatdown on training rides, but destroys in races?
  3. Considering carbon or titanium gravel frames. What sort of damage can or does occur to such a frame during regular riding or racing?

Additional notes from Michael McAleer, friend of the Gravel Cyclist crew on 650B wheels that were not in the video:

“Less likely to get toe overlap on a bike with a short TT if you use smaller wheels. A frame built for 650b can also have a shorter wheelbase and better handling. The venerated HED Belgium Plus rims are available in 650b. Compass, Panaracer, and SOMA all have really fantastic lightweight tires available.”

Episode Two coming soon, keep those questions coming in!

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