VIDEO: Burra, South Australia and Beyond – The 2017 / 2018 Australian Gravel Adventure!

Quoting directly from Wikipedia:

“Burra is a pastoral centre and historic tourist town in the mid-north of South Australia. It lies east of the Clare Valley in the Bald Hills range, part of the northern Mount Lofty Ranges, and on Burra Creek. The town began as a single company mining township that, by 1851, was a set of townships (company, private and government-owned) collectively known as “The Burra”.[2] The Burra mines supplied 89% of South Australia’s and 5% of the world’s copper for 15 years,[3] and the settlement has been credited (along with the mines at Kapunda) with saving the economy of the struggling new colony of South Australia. The Burra Burra Copper Mine was established in 1848 mining the copper deposit discovered in 1845. Miners and townspeople migrated to Burra primarily from Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Germany. The mine first closed in 1877, briefly opened again early in the 20th century and for the last time from 1970 to 1981.”

“When the mine was exhausted and closed the population shrank dramatically and the townships, for the next 100 years, supported pastoral and agricultural activities. Today the town continues as a centre for its surrounding farming communities and, being one of the best-preserved towns of the Victorian era in Australia, as a historic tourist centre.”

My route would take me north of Burra to the town of Hallett, South Australia, then back again but on a route a little further west.

Thank you for watching!

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  1. Avatar Terry O'Loughlin

    Hi JOM,
    Loved the Burra video; loved all of your others too because you/they take me to places l likely would never go to…but now, who knows! At least now I’ve heard of these places and the roads/tracks thereabouts!

    Cheers mate
    Terry O’L

    • JOM JOM

      Hi Terry, I still have more videos in the hopper from Australia!

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