VIDEO: Bike Fitting for a Gravel Bike – With Adelaide Bike Fit

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew met with Steve Nash of Adelaide Bike Fit, to evaluate the fit on his gravel bike and discuss the importance of an appropriate fit, and what an experienced fitter typically looks for. Remember, a properly fitted bike can make all of the difference between a fun time during your next gravel ride or race, or a painful experience you may want to forget!

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6 comments on “VIDEO: Bike Fitting for a Gravel Bike – With Adelaide Bike Fit

  1. Definitely off the subject, but I want to add a set of 650b wheels to the quiver for my Chumbacca. Yes, I remember you saying that you preferred the ride of 700c over 650b, but I want a wider and knobbier tire, so I believe the 650b will work.
    Now my question is what rim width would you suggest. The one wheelset (good value) I’m looking at comes in either i19mm and i24mm. I know that most tires will work on the i19mm, but is there an advantage to going wider (i24mm)?

    Also, as side note, are you doing those drone shots yourself? Very impressive.

    1. Jwilli… before you can figure out the rim, you need to borrow? a pair of 650B wheels with tyres fitted to see if it will even fit between your stays. For example, the Niner I reviewed, no go on 650B’s. But the Orbea Terra accepted 650B’s in 42mm with good clearance. With that said, I’d probably go with the 24mm rim. The wider rim will also make the tyre wider, possibly 2 – 3mm wider, depending on the tyre.

      Yes, those are all my drone shots. Most people don’t realize how much work I put into planning out these drone shots. But, I think the results are so worth it. More drone content coming soon!

      1. I’ve always wondered what was meant by saying that a bike was 650b compatible or not. So what exactly was the Niner’s problem? Did the stays have that much an hourglass shape that the tire hits? I assume that with a narrow enough tire 650b would always fit, but then you’d have a smaller diameter tire and miss the whole point of having a 650b wheel.

        The drone shots add a lot to your videos, and your hard work is appreciated.

        1. Tom, stays are designed in such a way (don’t have the bike with me) that the tyre area simply doesn’t have enough room – but yes, sans hourglass shape explains it well. Neither the Niner nor the Orbea I reviewed earlier were designed with 650B in mind, but I like to tinker. Appreciate the kind words.

    1. It was a short video, whose main emphasis was on ensuring you are fit well to your bike. Sorry, bike fitting tips are personal, and I’m not about to go down that road! Hence, see a bike fitter if you have questions.

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