VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The Peterborough to Orroroo Loop – with Kangaroos & Drone Footage!

Peterborough is a former railway town in South Australia, founded in 1879. The town is located in the mid north of South Australia, on the southern edges of the Flinders Ranges. Once a bustling hub linking multiple railways with a large locomotive workshop, the town is a bit quieter nowadays. The railways mostly vacated town, although Peterborough is still a stop for the weekly Indian Pacific train that passes through on it’s way to Sydney or Perth. Orroroo, Yatina and Black Rock are the other towns along this loop.

You won’t find many cyclists in this area, gravel or otherwise, but there is a huge network of quiet gravel roads – although they are a little desolate – but in desolation does lie beauty. Also in this video are cattle, kangaroos and some sweet drone footage of the landscape!

Thanks for watching!

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