VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The Bendigo Victoria Gravel and Velodrome Ride

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia – Located near the virtual geographical centre of the state of Victoria and close to Melbourne, the town is known for its goldrush during the 1850’s, and a flourishing cycling scene on the road and track. Not so well known is the low traveled network of gravel roads on the outskirts of the city – perfect for gravel cycling.

Bendigo is also home to Steve L.A.G.G. – the Lonely Australian Gravel Guy, although he goes by S.A.G.G. nowadays – the Solo Australian Gravel Guy. Unfortunately, Steve was on holidays in the state of Queensland when JOM visited, but JOM did a sweet loop ride beginning in Bendigo, down to Castlemaine and back again, mostly on gravel roads… and a lap of the Tom Flood Sports Centre Velodrome.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Avatar steve f lagg

    Hi JOM,

    Thanks for coming to Bendigo and filming some of my secret roads, still can’t believe the stars didn’t align for us to meet… time?

    BTW: I’ve got even better gravel courses than what you saw, so you’ve gotta come back, LoL

    • JOM JOM

      Steve, I am extremely bummed I didn’t get to ride with you. But have no fear… I will return around the same time in 2018 and may route myself into Australia a bit differently. I look forward to riding with you… and you live in an amazing place. I don’t understand why nobody isn’t riding your gravel roads!!! BTW, I spotted a legitimate gravel bike, the Wilier Jaroon, in the front window of Maronis Bikes. There is hope!

      • Avatar Steve F LAGG

        Moroni’s are very supportive of my gravel riding, maybe some of the shop guys will come in the future, here’s hoping.
        I think the Willier Jardon is gorgeous, (my influence?)

        Steve F

        • JOM JOM

          I was hoping to visit the store during opening hours but spent way too long out on the ride! Yes, lovely bike, I featured it and it’s bigger brother, the Jaroon Plus at Interbike last year.

  2. Avatar Nix

    Kudos to JOM and anyone else getting out on a bike in the last few days in central Victoria – it’s been close to 40C (104F) with a hot dry north wind that a would make a fan-forced oven envious.

    Hey Steve F SAGG,
    I expect I live about 100-150 km from you, send me an email. Maybe we can meet up some time. Address cleverly disguised to fool trawling spambots – nixtrader AT yahoo DOT com DOT au.


    • JOM JOM

      I’d love to see Steve F SAGG connect with another rider! Good luck Nix! Hopefully I can meet both of you late 2017 / early 2018.

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