VIDEO: $600 Gravel Bike? Unboxing & Features of the Poseidon X, Alloy Frame + Carbon Fork

“We produce our bikes with all of this in mind using a long family history of custom bicycle manufacturing. You deserve a bike that will not break on you after a few rides and a company willing to be part of your riding journey. We want to change the tide of cycling by making high quality bicycles affordable for everyone. There is no reason for this type of peace to be unattainable, and there is no reason why you cannot have quality and affordability.” –

poseidon x budget gravel bike

The Poseidon X is a $US 599.99 do-it-all bike featuring a double butted hydroformed aluminium frame, carbon fork, Shimano Claris components, mechanical disc brakes, four bottle cage mounts, attachment points for fenders, racks, and very good 2x gearing. The bike will clear a 700c x 40mm tyre and 650b x 1.9″.

poseidon x budget gravel bike

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes the bike and runs through the key features of the Poseidon X. Later, there will be a review of this bike posted to the Gravel Cyclist YouTube channel!

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8 comments on “VIDEO: $600 Gravel Bike? Unboxing & Features of the Poseidon X, Alloy Frame + Carbon Fork

  1. This looks like a nice bike for someone who’s gravel curious. What’s the weight?


  2. I find it daunting to read the “best of” reviews based on specs and sky high pricing.
    For the average person who wants to enjoy their ride and not be snobbish about what is underneath them then this bike will be a winner. You can easily change the contact points to suit yourself and add racks, fenders or bags to your hearts content without issue.
    Great price point for the masses.

    1. Exactly! Frame alone is worth the sale price. Then add a carbon fork provisioned for flat mount brakes? This is a great way to introduce people to cycling.

  3. I looked at Poseidon before I purchased a different mail order bike. I wanted a, lower end inexpensive ride to add to my stable of 14 total bikes. But, the Poseidon …

    1. geometry is very aggressive, much more of a short sprint, CX bike than a laid back all day, long distance gravel grinder,

    2. grouppo and wheelset are low end compared to other mail order units at the same, or lower, price.

    I ended up with a Gravity Liberty CXD from BikesDirect. I’m not affiliated with BikesDirect or Liberty.

    BTW – I called Poseidon, they were great on the phone (and gave me a discount when I asked!), but I really like the group set better on the Gravity

    BTW2: I know, “why so many bikes?” In this case, we live in the northeast and are retired, this bike would sit on the back of the vehicle on vacations to the south in the salt and grime in the winter. I’d prefer not to gum up a DuraAce grouppo like that.

  4. I find it funny and interesting how there’s “A new inexpensive Gravel Bike” brand when BikesDirect has been doing this for years. Hitting the same price points with the same components.

    1. That’s nice and all, but I’m not familiar with every single brand on the internet. The Poseidon is an excellent buy.

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