VIDEO: 2019 DKXL Winner – Jay Petervary shares his real-world experience with Shimano GRX Di2!

“I grew up on a bike. Doing everything from delivering newspapers, to going to friends houses, to building jumps and trails in the woods to play on. It was how I got to work in my high school years. I remember challenging myself all the time trying to get to a previous destination quicker than the time before. After college I discovered mountain biking through some motocross friends. At that point I quickly realized this was something I wanted to do a lot of, and I did. I found a real hobby, passion, that I still get the same feelings from I got on day one.” – Jay Petervary

jay petervary shimano grx di2

Jay is one of the best-known endurance cyclists in the world. Earlier this year he won the inaugural Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan. His most recent accomplishment is first and fastest at the 2019 DKXL in Emporia, Kansas, riding the Di2 variant of Shimano’s new gravel-specific groupset, GRX.

In this video, Jay gives us his impressions of the new groupset.


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Jay Petervary

Cover Photo by Linda Guerrette Photography –

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  1. Avatar GCWANNABE

    Crikey! I need a nap after watching that. Jay has a LOT of energy.

  2. Avatar Jonathan Edwards

    How much is tire clearance reduced by with the GRX Di2 front derailleur?

    • JOM JOM

      Di2 front derailleurs don’t have the same issues as SRAM eTap – I’ve yet to see a clearance issue.

  3. Avatar Gwynn Lyell

    I think Jay was stoked, well that, or one to Many Redbulls.

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