VIDEO: 2018 New Year’s Day Gravel Ride – Gravelaide Preview, South Australia

To kick off the first day of 2018 in an appropriate manner, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew joined Graeme from for a preview of 2018 Gravelaide.

The full monty 104 mile / 167 kilometre course features 2,300+ metres / 7,500 feet of climbing, beautiful scenery and Australian wildlife. Where else can you ride gravel roads and see Kangaroos?!

Video in conjunction with Gravelaide and Cyclist Australia/NZ Magazine. Enjoy!

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7 comments on “VIDEO: 2018 New Year’s Day Gravel Ride – Gravelaide Preview, South Australia

  1. So JOM, is Gravelaide similar to re-badged Gatorade, and will you now be selling mysterious white powder at events? 😉

  2. Beautiful country, awesome drone filming!

    Did a 60 mile birthday ride for Dr Pain-one mile for every year old.
    Attended by Team Gravel Cyclist plus Dr MSG and The Frozzy.
    Ride started about 38 F.

    1. I rode in 38C the other day, does that count? 🙂 Eff that shite! So glad I made this trip, even if it was last minute! You and Mrs Dogg need to accompany me in 2019.

  3. As usual great video.

    Without giving away any of your trade secrets, I’m curious about the video storage used during shooting. Mainly:

    1) Are the cameras always rolling during the ride or do you only shoot specific segments of the ride?

    2) Do you bring additional video storage on the ride?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. To answer your questions:

      1. Cameras are turned on and off. If I sense something interesting may happen or see some fab scenery, the cameras get turned on. It is luck of the draw at times! About 90 – 95% of the footage is never used and thus never seen publicly.

      2. I use big cards, typically 64Gb. I’ve only filled one up during a ride, but that was because I didn’t transfer the previous day’s filming.

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