VIDEO: 2018 Gravel and Tar Classic – Manawatu Region, New Zealand

Video by the promoters behind the 2018 Gravel and Tar Classic –

The 2018 Gravel and Tar Classic, a UCI level race, was raced recently in the beautiful Manawatu Region of New Zealand, located in the lower half of the North Island. This event attracted professional riders and teams from all over the world who have travelled to Australia and New Zealand seeking UCI points early in the road racing season.

This unique road race features 90km / 56 miles of bitumen and 45 km / 28 miles of gravel roads. It isn’t a race for the faint of heart.

The video also covers the Manawatu Festival of Cycling, which features a retro ride, sportive, an MTB challenge ride and a gran fondo.

Thank you to Tony McLaughlin and Steve Stannard for allowing Gravel Cyclist to share this gem. Thank you also to the talented people associated with the filming and production of this video (see the credits).

Gravel and Tar Classic

One thought on “VIDEO: 2018 Gravel and Tar Classic – Manawatu Region, New Zealand

  1. They talk a lot about luck, due to all the punctures. But tire choice and riding style have huge influences on that.
    Getting flats if you are choosingto run 25mm, 180 tip tubulars, and charging full gas across rocky gravel is not bad luck, just bad choices.

    I dont’ know if that was the case here, but I strongly suspect it is at least part of i.

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