Training Ride 101 – The Mudd Dogg Road Training Ride Video

What do you do when you’ve been locked in the house for three days, due to pouring rain, driving wind and generally rubbish weather?

Answer, you head out with several of your best friends after the storms have passed, and go smash up your legs and drivetrain on some local dirt roads.

Watch a brief excerpt from The Mudd Dogg Road Training Ride – Wednesday edition.  Filming and riding by K-Dogg, video production by JOM.

2,000 miles of drivetrain wear in 20 miles.


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  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Nice video of a yucky ride. Throw in cold soggy feet, a ruined chain and backspackle like you pooped your pants and you’ve got the whole experience.

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