The Georgia & Alabama Gravel Bike Ride: Dirt, Gravel, Red Clay, Mud, Rain, Breweries & More!

This wonderful ride took place on August 3rd, 2019, starting from the small rural town of Lumpkin, Georgia, US of A. Not much is happening in Lumpkin these days, as evidenced by my short tour of the city before my ride gets underway.

georgia alabama gravel bike ride providence canyon
Providence Canyon, Georgia, USA

My route would take me west out of Lumpkin, make a quick visit to Providence Canyon State Park, across to the small town of Omaha, Georgia for a visit to the Omaha Brewing Company, and later, into Alabama for a visit to the town of Eufaula.

georgia alabama gravel bike ride providence canyon

Recent heavy rains made for fun times along parts of this route, turning the roads into a muddy and messy quagmire, the perfect situation to test a review bike! The video features drone footage that highlights some of the punchy climbs along the route, as well as other areas of interest along the way.

georgia alabama gravel bike ride providence canyon

This is one of my longer videos, but a lot happened during this ride!

georgia alabama gravel bike ride providence canyon

Audio best experienced with headphones.

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  1. Avatar Greg

    I rode a very similar route in 1991, but was dry……….. very desolate.

  2. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    Providence Canyon is a really cool place to play around in. Those clay roads look cool too but I’ve had enough peanut butter ruts that drag your pedals. I’d insist on a clear, dry day personally.
    I’m just sayin’

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