SOC 2019: Vielo V+1 1x All-Road Bike & R+1 1x Road Bike

“Vielo was founded in 2017 by Ian Hughes and son Trevor. With over 35 years of experience in the bike trade and working with some of the best, high-performance bike brands around the globe has lead us here. This is a real-life story about a bunch of passionate people on a mission to create a small range of high-performance bikes in an honest way, for British customer, to cope with British riding conditions. Without the marketing hype and without any limitations on performance potential.” – Vielo.

vielo v+1 and r+1 allroad

These bikes are designed and engineered in Germany, styled in Italy and hand built in Britain. Vielo is available internationally, see the Dealer’s page of their website.

vielo v+1 and r+1 allroad

“The Vielo V+1 has been a long time in the making – a product of ideas, theories and extensive know-how gained from thirty years working with some of the world’s most coveted ultra-performance cycle brands. Designed for British cyclist, the V+1 has not suffered compromises to meet the demands of global markets. Instead, we have single-mindedly engineered the V+1 for riding on rough British roads plus off-road gravel tracks. We think of it as a go anywhere speed machine.” – The Vielo V+1

vielo v+1 and r+1 allroad

“Unlike any other road bike the Vielo R+1 frame is engineered and designed to accommodate a 1x drive system only. Our focus is to provide the rider a huge performance gain in frame lateral stiffness around the BB area (30% stiffer than a 2x frame), additional comfort through chain stays and seat stays, plus some detailed aero touches.” – The Vielo R+1

In this video, company founder Ian runs us through the details of both bikes. Pardon some of the audio in this video, it was a wee bit windy.


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  1. Avatar AK_Ben

    That’s actually a really sharp looking bike, seems to have some classic lines while still looking more modern.

  2. Avatar Pete Gowland

    “Unlike any other road bike the Vielo R+1 frame is engineered and designed to accommodate a 1x drive system only.”
    Best not mention that to Vroomen and 3T with the Strada then.

    • Avatar Adam

      3T did release the Strada Due though so didn’t fully commit to the 1x in the end! Mainly from pressure from now-defunct Aqua Blue Sport I’d assume.

      • JOM JOM

        There is a review of the Strada on this website…

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