SOC 2019: Pinarello Grevil & Grevil + Gravel Bikes – Italian Stylin’

“Co-founders Frank Yohannan and Lou Rudolph hosted the inaugural Laguna Seca Challenge on April 6 & 7, 1991. There was a total of 350 athletes and 150 spectators. Today the event hosts over 9,600 athletes and 72,500 fans. In 1993 the event was renamed the Sea Otter Classic and is now universally regarded as the world’s premier cycling festival.” – Sea Otter Classic

The Sea Otter Classic also hosts the world’s largest consumer bike exposition in North America. The Expo holds hundreds of vendors who display new products, distribute free samples, and offer great bargains. The four-day, action-packed festival includes racing across a variety of disciplines, non-competitive rides, bike demos and much more.

Pinarello Grevil and Grevil +

“Full Gas… everywhere”.

“All roads are rideable … (and also quickly). Grevil is made to eat the dust, wherever you want to explore, it goes … fast.” – Pinarello

pinarello grevil and grevil plus gravel bikes

The Pinarello Grevil + is constructed from “the best carbon in existence today”. TORAYCA T1100G UD carbon fiber with Nanoalloy Technology as used in the Aerospace industry. This is the same grade of carbon as used in the company’s flagship Dogma line of road bikes.

pinarello grevil and grevil plus gravel bikes

If the Grevil + is out of your budget, Pinarello offers the Grevil. Built from T700 grade carbon fiber, the Grevil features the same geometry as it’s more exclusive brethren but at a cheaper price point.

pinarello grevil and grevil plus gravel bikes

In this video, Owen of Pinarello USA runs us through the details of the Grevil and Grevil +.


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