Snapshot in Time: Cycling in June 1983 – Winning Magazine

winning magazine 1983
Fashionable for 1983

“Winning Bicycle Racing Illustrated or Ciclisme International was an English and French-language cycling magazine published in Belgium that covered European road racing. It ran between July 1983 until 1998.”

winning magazine 1983
Avocet 20 Cycling Computer

“Winning Bicycle Racing Illustrated was founded by Belgian journalist and publisher Jean-Claude Garot, who had previously created the weekly newspaper Pour. Based in Brussels, Winning began as an English-language magazine first and only sold in North America, with its first issue released in July 1983. It later made a version for Belgium and France in French, as Ciclisme International, as well as a further version in the United Kingdom.”

Snapshot in Time Video – 1983

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Continued from Above:

winning magazine 1983
American Classic Bottle Cages

Winning Magazine was a staple for many cyclists in the USA, and in the case of JOM, the Aussie homeland during the early 1990’s. In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew flicks through the pages of the Premier issue of Winning Magazine, aka Issue #1.

Additional Photos

winning magazine 1983
Huret Derailleurs, Super Light
winning magazine 1983
World Airways, out of business on March 27, 2014

winning magazine 1983

winning magazine 1983
Ross Touring Bicycle
winning magazine 1983
Plenty of Eddy Merckx in this issue, see video
winning magazine 1983
Aluminium Cannondale!

winning magazine 1983

winning magazine 1983

winning magazine 1983
Matrix Rims’ attractive advertising

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    Holy moly! Did you see the size of those paniers on that Ross touring bike?!?!

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