Sac O Suds 2015 – The Race VIDEO

Saturday, October 31, 2015 – The Sac O Suds 50 is a just under 50 mile gravel race that starts and finishes on the outskirts of Juliette, Georgia.

Race reports by JOM, Dr. Pain and The Headmaster.

Filmed by the Gravel Cyclist crew in POV style using FIVE cameras, we hope you enjoy this video of the 2015 Sac O Suds, in the beauty of High Definition (720p and 1080p)!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Avatar steve f

    Hi JOM,

    Great stuff, love the videos etc. Got my own 1 member, (me), gravel grinder club in Central Vic, Aus. I disappear for hours on challenging gravel rides, what a blast!! Done the road racing, over it! Now road riding is for training for the gravel, LOL

    Cheers Steve F
    The Lonely gravel guy

      • Avatar Steve F

        Hey JOM,
        I live in lizard country….. Bendigo. My local rides can be a bit stoney, but I have a course that heads down to Castlemaine and Mt Alexander where the gravel is smoother and the scenery better. Been thinking of heading down to Woodend and Mt Macedon to check out gravel and mud that way. I’m really enjoying the uniqueness and challenges gravel riding brings and the solitude!

        Looks like I’m around the age of the Headmaster, Jimbo and Dr Pain, but don’t have the excellent palmares they have, just an ex masters racer, with a few wins (and plastic trophies, lol), so you guys would eat me for breakfast!

        I ride a Focus AX Mares cx bike or an older Apollo zapp that I’ve built for gravel and mud, so none of this weird new fandangled carbon fibre stuff, heavy as riding liquid lead through two feet of boggy clay….on a good day, but I’m loving it.

        Steve F
        The lonely gravel guy.

        • JOM JOM

          Bendigo, know it well, but it has been a long time since I visited! If you have any of your gravel routes mapped out, I would love to peruse them. You can ping me directly at jayson at gravel cyclist (dot) com if you like – thanks bloke!

  2. Avatar Peter Shouts

    Great job! Really enjoyed that.

  3. Avatar Larry E. Brenize

    I now have this ride and the fried green tomato ride on Sunday on my radar. Any ideas of hotels to stay at for this ride? Many thanks Also what is the closest airport in case I wanted to fly?

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