RADL GRVL Course Preview: Adelaide, South Australia

radl grvl course preview
Unbelievable scenery at RADL GRVL

“The RADL GRVL Pilot is a mass-start gravel event for professional and amateur cyclists. Capped at 250 riders for our first year, participants will traverse 120km of travel of remote gravel and paved roads through the vineyards and hills of McLaren Vale, South Australia.” – https://radlgrvl.com

radl grvl course preview
Not a bad view anywhere

“Starting and finishing amidst the stunning vineyards of Oliver and Press Winemakers, our RADL GRVL route showcases the finest scenery and terrain of the McLaren Vale before ascending into the hills on hidden gravel roads that wind their way through forests and groves of gum trees before descending back into wine country.”

RADL GRVL Course Preview Video

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew rides a major chunk of the RADL GRVL long course. Along the way JOM captures scenery, and course insights from Co-Founder of GRVL, Mr Valtteri Bottas. Coming later, the RADL GRVL event on January 19, 2024!

radl grvl course preview
Greetings from Valtteri!


ALWAYS BE A STEWARD FOR GRAVEL CYCLING: Respect the roads, respect the locals, respect the land, respect your fellow cyclists.

Ride Experience Photos

radl grvl course preview
Base of the first climb on the course
radl grvl course preview
19% grades on the first climb, and in the first kilometre!
radl grvl course preview
Gravel, not so good for car windscreens
radl grvl course preview
Valtteri offers insights into the RADL GRVL course

More to come soon from our trip to Australia!

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