NEW BIKE ? Moots Routt ESC: TITANIUM FORK, Huge Clearance, Loads of Fun! ?

moots routt esc review

New Year. New Bike.

“Happy New Year – we’re all back at work, going through eggnog withdrawals and in need of a momentary escape. Well, your friends at MOOTS have one for you. We’d like to introduce our new adventure gravel bike, the Routt ESC. It’s got 2.4” tires, drop bars and that titanium-infused ride that we’re known for.”

moots routt esc review
Note: Production variant features a Moots Ti Seatpost

“So, sit back, relax and enjoy the post-holiday escape to deep gravel and lumpy two-track. The MOOTS ride is always better than the destination.”

Moots Cycles

What Is It?

“You like escaping through the deepest gravel that leads to forgotten two tracks with a single-track loop thrown in for good measure. Your escape route is anything you make it with this setup.”

moots routt esc review
Titanium Fork

“Adding to the legendary Routt lineup is the Routt ESC. The Routt ESC is an escape-ready drop bar bike that can hold up to a 2.4’’ tire and take you well beyond the far-off routes you’ve been dreaming of. Leaving your front door on a bike that can link your favorite routes together as they turn from pavement to gravel to hidden gems of single track and back again is what the ESC is all about.”

moots routt esc review

“The ESC is equipped with three frame bottle locations as well as two triple pack mounts on the fork that allow you to get lost without wondering about the next refuel stop. Wide gear range and a 38 tooth chainring allow big roll out and gears to climb where the goats reside. An oversized tubeset, and massive S-bend fastback seat stays give this bike backbone to perform across all-terrain, loaded or unloaded.”

moots routt esc review

The Bottom Line



moots routt esc review

A New Member to the Routt Collection of Gravel Bikes

moots routt esc review

Available Builds

moots routt esc review


moots routt esc review

Frame Specifications

moots routt esc review

Additional Photos

moots routt esc review

moots routt esc review

moots routt esc review

moots routt esc review

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  1. Avatar Larry Brenize

    $12,000.00 Yikes

  2. Avatar Ian Ezzi


    But on the subject of things I might actually be able to afford, what saddle is that? Looks like a Selle Italia of sorts?


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