NAHBS 2019: Rotor 1x 13-Speed Hydraulic Groupset

NAHBS – North American Handmade Bicycle Show – Held in Sacramento, California from March 15 to 17, 2019, the show features builders from North America and beyond. The mission of the first annual NAHBS and every show thereafter is a simple one, showcase the talents and ideas among the best builders of handmade bicycles in the world.

rotor 1x13 hydraulic groupset

But, the show isn’t all about beautiful bikes. Groupsets and components also make an appearance, and in this instance, it is Rotor’s unique, groundbreaking groupset that goes beyond 12-speed, all the way up to 13! The groupset is simply named 1×13.

rotor 1x13 hydraulic groupset

What makes Rotor’s 13-speed groupset (also capable of 12-speed) is its hydraulic actuation. No cables, no electronics, just a single and tiny hydraulic line to shift the rear derailleur. Rotor feels there is too much gear overlap with conventional 2 x 11 groupsets, and 1 x 13 is their take on the solution to near perfect gearing for road, gravel and later on, mountain bikes.

Lori of Rotor Bike Components walked me through the system, which includes a brief demonstration of the rear derailleur in action.

Rotor 1×13 Pricing and Specs

  • 1×13 Groupset Kit 2Inpower. Includes 2inPower Aldhu power meter crankset and Rotor 13-speed carbon wheels. $US 4,900.
  • 1×13 Groupset Kit Super Light. Same as above but no power meter. $US 3,800.
  • 1×13 Groupset Adventure. Same as above, no power meter, wheels are substituted for Rotor 13-speed aluminium wheels. $US 2,800.
  • 1×13 Ready Groupset kit (12 Speed). Includes the groupset and Rotor Aldhu crankset. $US 2,200.

Rotor 1×13 Weights

1×13 groupset total weight (uncut hoses, 10-36, cassette, uncut chain) 1,785g
Right-hand shift/brake set 863 g
Left-hand brake set 443 g
12s Cassette 11-36 / 11-39 225 g / 221 g
12s Cassette 11-46 / 11-52 282 g / 314 g
13s Cassette 10-36 / 10-39 236 g / 241 g
13s Cassette 10-46 / 10-52 290 g / 321 g
Q RINGS chainring 48t 131 g
2INpower road cranks (includes axle) 608 g
ALDHU cranks (without axle) 352 g
Standard axle (ALDHU) 98 g
RVOLVER 1×13 rear hub 246 g
RVOLVER 1×13 front hub 124 g
Chain 269 g
Carbon wheels 1,476 g
Aluminium wheels 1,556 g

Rotor Bike Components

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