NAHBS 2019: Blacksmith Cycles / DeAnima Soul Carbon Gravel Bikes & More

NAHBS – North American Handmade Bicycle Show – Held in Sacramento, California from March 15 to 17, 2019, the show features builders from North America and beyond. The mission of the first annual NAHBS and every show thereafter is a simple one, showcase the talents and ideas among the best builders of handmade bicycles in the world.

DeAnima Soul Carbon Gravel Bike

Meet Michael of Blacksmith Cycle of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Blacksmith Cycle specializes in dream bikes and carries some amazing bikes within their inventory.

DeAnima Soul Carbon Gravel Bike

One such brand is DeAnima, built in Italy by Gianni Pegoretti, Antonio Attanasio and Matt Cazzaniga. The Soul Carbon gravel bike is the company’s first entry into the gravel bike segment, and Mike covers the display bikes in great detail. As a bonus, Mike shows us his personal stainless steel do-it-all bike by Cicli Barco.

Blacksmith Cycle

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