NAHBS 2019: Black Cat Bicycles Big Tire Gravel Bike with 2x Boost + Bonus Bike!

NAHBS – North American Handmade Bicycle Show – Held in Sacramento, California from March 15 to 17, 2019, the show features builders from North America and beyond. The mission of the first annual NAHBS and every show thereafter is a simple one, showcase the talents and ideas among the best builders of handmade bicycles in the world.

black cat bicycles gravel bike nahbs 2019

Meet Todd of Black Cat Bicycles, home base, Santa Cruz, California. Todd presents his interpretation of a do-it-all gravel bike with optional rack that features Boost spaced MTB wheels – and a 2x / double road crankset. Boost is an MTB standard, so how did he get it to work with a double road crankset? The video has the answers!

black cat bicycles gravel bike nahbs 2019

Also, a bonus Black Cat bike for your perusal.

Black Cat Bicycles

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2 comments on “NAHBS 2019: Black Cat Bicycles Big Tire Gravel Bike with 2x Boost + Bonus Bike!

  1. On drivetrains, I really hope that Sram will come out with a dropbar Eagle drivetain with a 10-50 cassette. All they need to come up with is a dropbar shifter, brake lever combo as the rest of the drivetrain already exists. I’m not a fan of 2x and 3x drivetrains. I don’t feel that 1x drivetrains got really good until they had a 500% or greater range.

    On Monster Gravelbikes, we now have the Black Cat, the Bearclaw Thunderhawk and Beaux Jaxon, and the All City Gorilla Monsoon. I hope the trend toward wider tire clearance goes mainstream for both 700c and 650b Gravelbikes. Why limit 700c to 42-45mm tire and 650b to 47-50mm tires? I could even see where a 66mm/2.6in tire could be useful. With an (i=inner width) i25mm rim you could run 40mm to 2.6in tires.

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