Making a Beer Run with the Beervagen! Towed by a Colnago C50 Cross Bike

Beer is proof that Mother Nature wants humans to be happy.

“We found that drinking a glass of beer helps people see happy faces faster, and enhances concern for positive emotional situations,” said lead researcher Matthias Liechti, head of psychopharmacology research at University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland.

“In other words, drinking beer might make you more social and more empathetic.” – Quotes from

beer run on a gravel bike

Everyone can use a bit of happiness considering the Covid-19 state of affairs. Breweries are considered an essential business, at least in this part of the world, and buying their product is a guaranteed way to keep them running and make you happy.

beer run on a gravel bike

One of my good mates, aka Dr. Pain, loves beer and supports local business, so spending a considerable sum on a gift certificate for beer at Cypress and Grove, one of Gainesville, Florida’s breweries, is a good deed indeed. Collecting the beer is another matter, and that’s where I come in. Driving the car to collect makes it all too easy, so how about making a beer run with the Beervagen?!

beer run on a gravel bike

The Beervagen aka my Bob Ibex Trailer, has been a fixture at recent editions of the Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational. When riders cross the event’s “finish” line, there are cold beers waiting for them, courtesy of the Beervagen and Dr. Pain, aka the Human Tow Truck.

beer run on a gravel bike

With Beervagen in tow, I take one of my personal bikes for a trip to Cypress and Grove Brewery to collect the beer, make a beer drop at Dr. Pain’s house, and pedal back home. Join me on this fun ride!

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  1. Avatar Dennis G

    I’ll bet those growlers had a nice head on them when you got home ?? cheers.

  2. Avatar David Webber

    Your new horse etiquette video is good however more key points. Lights! Flashing bike lights cause epileptic type reaction from horses. Immediately cover light with hand or turn off. It’s OK to slow roll past, but slow pedal so there is no cassette ratchet noise. Also avoid clanking gear changes. At all costs SLOW down. So not hammer past.

    • JOM JOM

      I’m still waiting for someone to make an alternative real-life video that isn’t staged, as I have done. There’s been a lot of feedback, and I have to wonder how most of the people writing comments would have performed in a live situation as I demonstrated?

  3. Avatar Richard Scheetz

    For a great beer run try the Georgia Beer Company in Valdosta Georgia. They have a great IPA, All Together which is dedicating profits to hospitality workers in need.

    I’ve enjoyed all of your videos as I live in Madison Florida and would like to invite you to ride the Four Freedoms Trail that runs from Madisin Florida to the State Line.

    • JOM JOM

      I will be visiting the GBC in Valdosta in the future, just haven’t had time yet. I’ll take a gander at the Four Freedoms Trail, thank you.

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