Logos Components epoché Wheelset: Unboxing & Features

logos components epoche wheelset review

“We believe in a first-principles approach to innovation that challenges limiting assumptions while heeding the wisdom of the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. It is in this spirit that we’ve committed to proven open standards and non-proprietary components.” – https://logoscomponents.com

logos components epoche review

Crafted with Care, Made to Last

“Benchmark quality is about more than out-of-the-box performance. It’s also about components performing at their peak and staying out of landfills with little maintenance and low lifetime cost of ownership.”

logos components epoche wheelset

Epoché 700c Wheelset

“ep·​o·​che | \ ˈepəˌkē \ – Definition: the suspension of judgment; a setting aside assumptions and beliefs.”

logos components epoche review

Epoché 700c Wheelset Unboxing / Features Video

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In this video, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes the Logos Components Epoché 700c Wheelset, and runs through its standout features. Coming later, a comprehensive review of this well-priced carbon wheelset.

logos components epoche wheelset

Continued from Above:

“We designed our epoché 700c wheel system to defy expectations and be as at home climbing into the clouds on tarmac as grinding out a gravel century. These wheels will take any tire you throw at them (including tubed) and feel whip quick, whether you’re riding knobbies or featherweight road slicks.”

Additional Photos

logos components epoche review
Hooked rims, with tubeless tape installed

logos components epoche review

logos components epoche wheelset

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